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How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

 How Much Do Solar Panels Cost? Solar panels cost between ₤350- ₤500 each but can vary depending on the size and type of system. Among the most common domestic sizes is a 4kW solar panel system, which costs around ₤ 6,000 and will cover around 29 square metres of your roof. With developments in solar power innovation, the cost of photovoltaic panels has actually fallen dramatically over the last couple of years. In the table

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Air Source Heat Pump Cost – What You Need To Know

Air source Heat Pump Cost An air source heat pump can supply effective heating and cooling down options for your home in any type of weather.  Air source heat pump cost vary in between ₤ 8,000 to 18,000. This wide variety in price is because of the fact that there are different kinds of air source heat pumps (air to air and air to water), lots of brands, as well as different sizes and efficiency.

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Solar Panels UK

Solar Panels UK Facebook Instagram Pinterest Linkedin   7 Benefits of Installing Solar Panels in the UK Solar PV is the most popular type of renewable technology delivering both cheaper energy bills and lower carbon emissions. Here are 7 Benefits of Installing Solar Panels UK for your home.   1. Save money with lower electricity bills By generating your own free energy you will need to buy less from your energy supplier and save money.

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Voltage Optimiser

voltage optimiser Facebook Instagram Pinterest Linkedin Reduce Your Energy Usuage And Protect Appliances Voltage optimisation UK Voltage optimisation is an electric power conserving method which is mainly set up in series with the mains electricity supply to provide a lowered supply voltage for the site’s devices. Generally, a voltage optimiser can improve power quality by preserving stage voltages as well as filtering harmonics, including transients from the supply, although not always. Voltage optimisers are basically transformers used to

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Save Money Cut Carbon

Facebook Instagram Pinterest Linkedin Save Money Cut Carbon: Have you ever before wondered just how small changes in each home can result in a big impact on the atmosphere?. Learn how to save money cut carbon with our full guide. There are numerous tips on house power conservation, starting from small practices in day-to-days live to huge financial investments that not just help the atmosphere but additionally lower your energy costs. So what are some

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RHI Inquiry

Facebook Instagram Pinterest Linkedin RHI Inquiry: Ecodan air source heat pumps are qualified for the Domestic Eco-friendly Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). Our step by step overview can assist you through the RHI inquiry, which its repayments are claimable for 7 years.   What is the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive? The Eco-friendly Heat Incentive is the world’s first long-term financial support for the generation of sustainable heat. It was introduced to motivate uptake of eco-friendly modern technologies,

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Solar Panels For Your Home

Facebook Instagram Pinterest Linkedin  Tips to use the power of solar panels for your home most effectively If you have installed solar panels for your home, here you will find tips on how you can use most of this valuable resource for your own needs.     1. Reduce the electricity consumption of the building If you want to save on electricity costs ? with or without PV ? you should first eliminate devices and

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Eco-Friendly Products

Facebook Instagram Pinterest Linkedin Eco Friendly Cleaning Products: In this post we will give you a list of eco-friendly products for a greener lifestyle to clean your house. Top natural cleaning products for a zero waste at home. Natural collection: All Purpose Cleaner Method is one of the best-known natural cleaning brands ? and for good reason. The ingredients in its product range are all naturally-derived and biodegradable, using lactic acid rather than chemicals to

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Eco Friendly

Facebook Instagram Pinterest Linkedin Eco Friendly Products: In this post we will give you a list of eco-friendly products for a greener lifestyle to reduce your footprint. Top green products for a more minimal and zero waste home. Silicone Stretch Lids The ideal reusable alternative to cling film. These super silicone stretch lids will keep your food fresher for longer with their airtight seal. Great for covering bowls, cans, jars and half cut fruit like

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